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Pressley Ridge SignSince 1832, Pressley Ridge has understood that all children can change and grow and that all families can use support. We help over 5,400 children and families annually through Educational Opportunities, Foster Care Connections, Residential Options, and Community-based Support with locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, as well as internationally in Portugal and Hungary.

Pressley Ridge offers four types of services:

  • Our Foster Care Connections are designed to create a nurturing home environment for children and youth. We provide family havens for safety, renewal, and return.
  • Our Residential Options create supportive places to practice new possibilities and life contributions that are based on strengths and unique gifts and help create productive lives.
  • Our Community-Based Support helps to strengthen and keep families together, to assist with educational resources, and to offer coaching and self-discovery – in homes, schools and communities, in the moment, and over time.
  • Our Educational Opportunities welcome kids into schools that start with their strengths – places of joy, belonging, confidence and generous contribution.

All of Pressley Ridge services are guided by a common treatment philosophy called Re-Education. Re-ED focuses on the strengths of each child and family, and holds these beliefs: it is possible to teach competence; change is possible; and the development of trusting relationships with caring, committed adults is the most significant factor in turning around the lives of seriously troubled children.

Pressley Ridge staff and professional foster parents are well trained, supportively supervised and challenged daily to do the best they can for troubled and troubling children and their families.
Read about how Pressley Ridge is Changing the Course of Foster Care and Thousands of Lives.


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