Honored: Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers is not simply a supervisor to the Odyssey and Richwood programs in Morgantown; he is also a mentor to those who work alongside him as well as the youth in our programs. Kevin has honed his confidence through the many job titles he has held over the last eleven years. He came to Pressley Ridge when our Morgantown facility was a transitional living program, later he found his way to Richwood’s program where his confidence and his work blossomed. He will be the first to tell you he made mistakes, but that is what makes Kevin so approachable, he believes in the teachable moments.

Kevin was Richwood’s Master Teacher Counselor for five years also being awarded TC of the month in May of 2010 and was appointed as the stand-in supervisor twice while MTC. This year, Kevin officially stepped into the role of the supervisor of the Morgantown programs.

Although Kevin was the MTC of Richwood he stayed a constant figure within the Odyssey cottage. The girls enjoyed seeing how far Kevin’s pranks on other staff members would go. Kevin’s Re-ED Principle is without a doubt, A Child Should Know Joy in Each Day. On one such day I could hear laughter coming from the dining room. I could hear the girls hushing each other through giggles stating, “Miss Tiki is coming,” the closer I got the quicker the laughter ended. Once I stepped into the room all fingers pointed to Kevin, “He did it!” Did what you ask? Throwing fruit into the air and trying to cut it with an apple cutter, also known as fruit ninja. It’s a story that has been passed down from one group of ladies to the next, Mr. Kevin getting addressed by Miss Tiki for playing Ninja with apples during snack.

The day he told the girls of Odyssey he was going to become the supervisor of both programs there were tears, because they were afraid he would no longer be around. No such luck. His presence became even more obvious. He wrote college recommendations, planned a graduation party and a family fun day for the youth as well as dragging the ladies on fishing trips that they soon constantly begged for. Fishing was Kevin’s favorite past time, a source for peace and quiet, with ten girls along it was simply entertainment. Those trips made such an impact on one girl that for her discharge present from our program she wanted a fishing pole picked by Mr. Kevin. Experiences like those are what makes the youth within the programs gravitate towards him.

Kevin is not only a role model for the youth, but also the staff. Kevin’s confidence within the group and with chaos makes those around him confident. He makes sure his staff feels supported, even having “Doctor Wednesdays” following his shift every Wednesday for staff to voice their concerns to him whether it is about life or frustration of the work day.

Kevin is not all fun and games, although he would like to be. He is a member of Pressley Ridge’s Cultural Committee, recently visiting the Pittsburgh Day School, has created volunteering opportunities for our youth including Ronald McDonald House and Adopt a Highway. Recently Kevin had the honor of being a facilitator at the Jumonville Conference, in which he was able to enhance his love of Experiential Education and bring back his newly gained knowledge of family within our specific programs.

Supervisors like Kevin make this job even more rewarding because he recognizes hard work and dedication from his staff. He is the type of person who you can go to with any issue and he has some sort of wise advice to offer. While all of these characteristics may seem wonderful on paper, this description is still minimal to the ‘real life’ impact Kevin has on the Pressley Ridge staff and youth. It is because of this impact that we feel Kevin Rogers should be awarded Pressley Ridge Outstanding Supervisor Award.

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