Spotlight: Amber Myers, Floyd Bazmore and Nate Lawson

House 2632

The Group is Very Important to young people…

Amber Myers, Floyd Bazmore and Nate Lawson have been T/Cs with the Home Places Program for varying lengths of time (two, six and 21 years respectively). Together they work as a team in Program House 2632.

Due to the severe behaviors of the youths, very few people sign up to work in this house. These three T/Cs have assisted the youths and supported the program by filling in shift vacancies on weekends, during the holidays, for medical appointments and for home visits.

Two of the boys have very committed families. However, they are not able to care for their children in their homes safely. Amber, Floyd and Nate provide the additional support necessary to facilitate successful visits, holiday celebrations as well as outings in the community for special activities and events.

Ceremony and Ritual give order…

One of the individuals is extremely aggressive and will bite, scratch and pinch. These T/Cs have had many wounds, but continue to care for this young man unconditionally.

All three of the boys in the home have limited communication skills as well. With the consistency and dedication of Amber, Nate and Floyd, the youths have improved upon their ability to express their wants and needs. One of the youth now uses an I-pad which has afforded him the ability to communicate more effectively.

The newest member of the household is a young man with severe physical health issues. He is diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome and is both legally blind and deaf. Again, through their patience and dedication, Amber, Floyd and Nate have not only gotten this young person on a routine for using the toilet (which has led to a drastic decrease in accidents), but they have also helped to improve his ability to wait for meals to be prepared (which has led to reduced prompting to pace himself while eating).

Communities are Important…

In addition to this treatment and care, Amber, Floyd and Nate have taken the youth to events such as Pirates games, the Autism Walk as well as weekly trips to the local grocery store. These activities have had some challenges as there have been incidents of disrobing, complete shutdowns in the middle of parking lots as well as attempts of aggression towards passersby. Amber, Floyd and Nate have taken these issues in stride and continue to push forward to work on building the skills necessary for these youths to engage successfully within their communities.

A Child Should Know Joy Each Day…

Even with these added difficulties, these three T/Cs have persisted and persevered. Pictures of their successful outings show smiles on the youths’ faces and the stories retold by staff are worth a thousand words.
Amber, Floyd and Nate are not only valued members of the Home Places team, but they are also living true to the Pressley Ridge mission to do “Whatever it takes to create success for children and families” and to insure that “All kids thrive!”

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