Spotlight: Erin Scott

ErinScottMOver the last 4.5 years, Chief Erin Scott has been an exceptional role model of a Teacher Counselor and most recently a Master Teacher Counselor to all kids and staff on the White Oak campus. Erin’s interactions on campus reflect a quote by author Patricia Hoolihan that “children may close their ears to advice, but may open their eyes to example”. She takes pride in what she does and shows investment by demonstrating servant leadership, leading by example and helping others learn through the utilization of teachable moments. She shows that “the group is very important to young people” by fostering an environment of values, ownership, and equality within her group. One way that she does so is by encouraging a culture of education and emphasizes the value that it plays when helping young people find success in life. It is important to her that all youth are able to grow and develop healthy value systems by providing opportunities to be generous, gain independence find belonging and master a skill; all of which she does through group support and connection.

Erin is also a member of the student council and the staff council, bringing a fresh sense of advocacy wanting to make sure voices of others are heard in matters that affect our community on campus. She characterizes the Re-ED Principle that “communities are important for children and youth” by providing outlets for young people’s thoughts and concerns to be heard and valued in order to develop a strong community and culture that dismantles hierarchies, stereotypes and division. She empowers both staff and young people by giving them choices and opportunities for campus decision making with the hope that the caring she displays will influence others to do the same strengthening the sense of community.

But don’t be mistaken Erin is also the first one to have fun with our kids by jumping into fun activities and facilitating experiential education activities. Erin holds the Re-ED Principle “a child should know some joy in each day” near to her heart, and is always found bringing smiles and a happy mood to whatever group she enters. She has been diligent in heading up our activities committee on campus as well, planning implementing and facilitating activity and experiential education days. Erin’s excitement for these events is contagious spreading joy amongst staff facilitators and youth participants, creating an atmosphere for growth, self-expression, group cohesion and individual achievement. Overall Chief Erin is a valuable and loved asset on White Oak’s campus continuing to promote one of the foundations of Pressley Ridge that all kids thrive.

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