Spotlight: Jen Arisman

Jen Arisman

Frequently a group of people will get together and write a nomination together. Typically it’s a group collaborative effort. The selection group enjoys it because it’s obvious that several people really admire a particular person. But it is rare that two separate people take the time to write a nomination for one person. Below are the two nominations for Jen Arisman. Congratulations Jen!

Written by: Jeanne Mahlmann, Ph.D., CCC/SLP

Jen is completing her 4th year working with Pressley Ridge. She spent 2 years teaching middle school and has for the past two years worked with 1st and 2nd graders. Jen graduated from Liberty University in Virginia and worked as a one on one for a year prior to coming to Pressley Ridge. Her degree is in Special Education and Elementary Education. Jen is married and while she and her husband currently have no children they have many living creatures at home including a dog, a cat, a turtle, a tortoise and fish. Jen is currently working on a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Couseling from North Central University with her future goal of doing play therapy for children.

With her background Jen has brought so much to Pressley Ridge. In her present classroom Jen introduces new ideas in education. Talking to others who know her, she was said to be quite an expert in technology, use of smart boards and using technology to assist in her lesson planning. Her supervisor has said how thorough and timely Jen is in completing her reports.

Those who know Jen see her as a very soft spoken and thoughtful individual. She has an amazing degree of quiet strength which not only keeps her going with some VERY energetic students but in her ability to hold them accountable for their work and their behaviors. Her class is very demanding in terms of their needs and Jen is somehow able to assume responsibility for meeting their needs. She takes on the burden of all of them wanting her attention, sometimes all at the same time, and still sustaining herself in her quiet, controlled, and kind manner.

I can honestly say Jen incorporates all of the Re-ED Principles in her work. Jen teaches self-control to her children as well as herself having never seen her angry but only supportive. Along with this is the body is the armature of the self and intelligence can be enhanced. The children are able to use their lessons and activities to look at why they do things and do them to the best of their abilities. Competence does make a difference to these students and they thrive on the ceremony, ritual and order that Jen maintains in the classroom. Their community and theme are so important. Jen has truly gotten her students involved in their Jungle theme from room décor, to activities to foods. The students all love their theme and contribute to ideas which are encouraged by Jen. Time is an ally is so crucial and so noticeable in the gains these children have made. Equally important is the trust Jen has earned from the children, helping them live life to the fullest while continuing to nurture their feelings all of the time. Lastly her children know Joy all day long!

Jen is an amazing teacher and with her calm, reassuring demeanor as well as her seemingly endless energy. She has made a remarkable impact on her students as well as staff at Pressley Ridge. She is outstanding in all she does and so deserves to be T/C of the Month.

Written by:Clinton Sickles

Jennifer Arisman arrived at the Day School Pittsburgh in 2010 with power, passion, and a blend of teaching strategies to bring to our students. As a teacher, we have to know our students inside and out, and Jennifer does just that. Competence sure does make a Difference in the lives of her young elementary classroom. I have had the privilege of working with her students during music time, but before we get to music class, the students play a spelling game.

It is encouraging as an educator to see the students master not only difficult spelling words, but reading, math, and working through their academics with the attitude of achievement and success. Each week, Jennifer provides thorough instruction to grades K through 2 students. She provides a safe, structured, and welcoming classroom environment for all of her students. She is creative and thoughtful in her planning, and refuses to let any of her students accept failure. She creates an environment made for belonging and the students accept one another regardless of shortcomings.

Jennifer knows every detail of her students’ academic path and is truly creating a group of gentlemen through effective leadership in the classroom. At lunchtime, her students are very polite and patient with one another and constantly smiling. Her classroom truly enjoys one another. Finally, Jennifer teaches her students to be self-reflective and recognize that academic performance will improve with time, hard work, and having a little fun along the way.

In summary, I nominate Jennifer Arisman from the Day School Pittsburgh to be considered for Teacher Counselor of the Month based on the above information. She truly is a well prepared, self- reflective, and most humble teacher I have every worked with in my 8 years as an educator. In Jennifer’s classroom, Competence Makes a Difference in the lives of her students.

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