Even in these uncertain times, Pressley Ridge is committed to doing whatever it takes to create success for our kids and families.

Due to non-essential businesses closing and people being laid off, hundreds of our families are facing an uncertain future and food insecurity. Many are unable to access our services at a time when they need it most. Pressley Ridge is also doing everything possible to address this need.

However, we need your help. The vast majority of our kids and families come from underserved communities. They don’t have iPads or laptops. Some don’t even have internet service. Others are struggling to feed their families and pay their utility bills.

Donate towards the purchase of technology, food and other critical needs for our families.

Breakfast for a family for a week

A week’s worth of pantry and dinner foods for a family

​Assistance with utilities for families who are struggling financially

​Laptops and iPads for youth to complete their school work and communicate with therapists

​A donation of any amount will support families in need during this difficult time