Foster Parent Training

The Pressley Ridge Treatment Parent Training Curriculum is a competency-based program designed for trainers and program managers in the field of treatment foster care to ensure a high standard of excellence in services for children in foster care.

Learn more about our nationally recognized, evidence-based treatment foster parent training program.

Consulting Services

An increasing demand for behavioral health services, combined with a need for improved outcomes measurement, brings a host of opportunities and challenges for providers.

Our consulting services, intended for those who work directly with children, youth and families, develops the competencies required to provide effective treatment to those who have emotional, behavioral or developmental disabilities. The quality of our consultative services is a primary factor in the success that Pressley Ridge has achieved. Services are available across all service types, support department enhancements, and leadership initiatives.

Pressley Ridge also offers external program evaluations and consultation on implementing quality improvement processes.

Contact us at (412) 872-9400 or for more information.

Back-office Support

Pressley Ridge offers a variety of back-office support for non-profit organizations. This includes finance, accounting, human resources, and marketing. Please contact us at (412) 872-9400 or for more information.