Since 1981, Pressley Ridge has successfully trained thousands of foster parents and foster care agencies across more than 35 states in our competency-based curriculum. 200 agencies are currently training their staff and resource parents using the Pressley Ridge Treatment Foster Care Parent Pre-Service curriculum, which reflects many years of research, writing, and experience.




An evidence-based pre-service training designed specifically for treatment foster parents.

Our comprehensive, evidence- and competency-based program is designed to help trainers and program managers ensure a high standard of excellence in services for children and youth in foster care.


Watch the video to learn more about the PR-TFC Pre-Service Curriculum.

Upcoming Trainings

Additional scheduled trainings posted regularly.

Trainer’s Resource Manual

This comprehensive manual contains everything a trainer needs to deliver more than 30 hours of training for treatment foster parents. The Trainer Resource Manual contains: Fully Scripted Curriculum – 10, 2½ to 3-hour training units, all consistently formatted for easy reference to what a trainer needs to say or do to facilitate instruction throughout the training.

  • Introduction Section – an overview of the entire curriculum, including a complete listing of the core competencies of each training unit.
  • Experiential Activities – Each unit contains at least three activities specifically designed to actively engage parents in their own learning and aid in long term retention.
  • Skill-Building Video – Over one hour of training video in over 50 individually selectable segments incorporated throughout the curriculum. Each video segment demonstrates the correct or incorrect application of one or more of the therapeutic communication skills taught in the training
  • Trainer Resources Section – a special section containing both trainer tips and various work tools for organizing and preparing for training and tracking participant progress.

Trainer Resource Files

Resources include several multimedia files to customize your training and enhance learning.

  • PowerPoint Presentation Files
  • More than 250 professionally designed PowerPoint slides and optional handouts conveniently organized by training unit.
  • Reproducible Parent Training Manual
  • Formatted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for easy printing, each of the 10 units are available for limited reproduction and distribution.
  • Trainer Resources
  • A selection of customizable work tools from the Trainer Resource Manual for organizing and tracking participant progress.

Parent Training Manual

The Parent Training Manual is an invaluable resource that captures the core competencies of effective treatment parenting. Organized in 10 units, the participant manual contains the essence of the course content in the form of summary readings, case examples, job aids, and worksheets to reinforce the transfer of learning into everyday practice.

**Now available in Spanish!**


Curriculum Overview

The following is a list of each of the units contained in the Pressley Ridge Treatment Parent Training. The sections are in the form of critical questions that you can expect your participant/parents to answer at the conclusion of each unit.

  1. Introduction to Treatment Foster Care
  2. Professional Parenting
  3. Trauma and Child Development
  4. Understanding Childhood Mental Health and Diagnosis
  5. Developing Healthy Relationships
  6. Therapeutic Communication
  7. Understanding and Changing Behavior
  8. Skill Teaching
  9. Conflict Resolution
  10. Understanding and Managing Crisis

Curriculum Overview

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