Erinn Obeldobel

School Psychologist, Pressley Ridge Day School Pittsburgh, Pressley Ridge School for Autism, Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf

Thirty years! At this point I have been at Pressley Ridge longer than I have not, and it has become like a second home to me.  When I first started at Pressley Ridge in 1992, many things were quite different.  The doors to all of the buildings were unlocked, we handwrote our notes on sheets of paper and filed them in big binders, and we carried beepers when we were on call.  I remember when we were told that we had to transition to using bag phones, and we were appalled at the idea of being out to eat and possibly getting a call and having to answer our phone at the restaurant!  How times have changed.

I began my career at Pressley Ridge as a Parent Supervisor/Community Liaison (PS/CL) in the PRYDE treatment foster care program.  I transitioned to working in residential and then in wraparound before I landed at the Day School as the School Psychologist. Now, I am also the School Psychologist for PRSD and PRSA.

Why did I stay? I stayed because, although many things have changed over the years, Pressley Ridge’s ultimate mission of improving the lives of children and families has stayed the same. I stayed because of the amazing adults I have met who devote their lives to helping children and the lifelong friends that I have made at Pressley Ridge. But most importantly, I stayed because I honestly love the Pressley Ridge kid. Their stories are often so heart breaking. I am amazed daily at their resilience and their ability to overcome obstacles. They make me laugh and smile every day. I strongly believe in the Re-Education value that [people] should know some joy in each day and working at Pressley Ridge has brought me much joy over the years. So, thank you Pressley Ridge. Here’s to another thirty!

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