Mary Ann Fabian 

Special Education Teacher, Day School Pittsburgh 

Wow – thirty years already! My main role at Pressley Ridge has always been Art Teacher, but I have also served as Therapeutic Support Staff, Community Based Specialist, Project Pinnacle Staff, and worked in Wraparound Resources and Therapeutic Social Groups for the Autism program.  

I’ve made so many memories at Pressley Ridge. From making art in the classroom with students to camping at Hopi (“Miss, it’s so DARK! Why aren’t there street lights out here?”). My favorite memories are former students coming back to visit and share their successes. One of the very best was a young man who came back to visit and brought with him his toddler son. He said, “you know, you all thought I wasn’t listening to you, but I was, and I’m going to teach him the best I can.”  

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