Pressley Ridge provides specialized education programming for students who have not yet found success in the traditional classroom setting due to a variety of needs. We believe that all children deserve an education that goes beyond academics and enables them to grow into responsible, self-sufficient adults. Our certified teachers and staff provide each student with an innovative learning approach, individualized attention, and all the necessary support they need to reach their potential.

Special Education Aides are a important part of the classroom teams at Pressley Ridge School for Autism and School for the Deaf. Special Education Aides directly supervise assigned students and assist the teaching team in the effective implementation of individual education plans (IEP) and individual behavioral/social education plans.

We are now hiring Special Education Aides at the following locations.


Pressley Ridge School for Autism

The Pressley Ridge School for Autism is a Licensed Private Academic School that provides intensive social, behavioral, and academic interventions to children with Autism from ages 6 to 21.

School for Autism Special Education Aide


Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf

Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf is a year-round Approved Private School with a residential component that serves students who are Deaf or hard of hearing and also identified as having a behavioral or emotional need or are on the Autism Spectrum.

School for the Deaf Special Education Aide


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