What are some of your favorite memories at Pressley Ridge?

There is not one memory that stands out but far more than just one. The reason why I say this is because I literally “grew up” in Pressley Ridge.

When I started in the Day School program at Pressley Ridge they put up with everything that I did but they didn’t have to. But they had the patience to deal with me. The kids before and after me who had the chance to come to Pressley Ridge are lucky to have this opportunity.

My best memory is the day I came to Pressley Ridge. I felt accepted for once in my life. No one judged me. I wasn’t left out for my behavior. They treated me with respect, even though I showed none to them. They never quit on me no matter how hard it got. There were two teachers that I had for three years. They were two female staff that I respected.

I can say that no matter how much I tore up the room or messed stuff up, they never gave up on me. In these moments, they didn’t do anything to make me angrier, they just supported me. After I had been there I got better somewhat with my behavior. I was not as bad and I learned a lot from them. They taught me what I should be doing rather than what I shouldn’t be doing.
Overall, the staff at Pressley Ridge are important because they have the chance to change a child’s life. They have drastically changed my life around.

Jameisha Brockman
September 12, 2017

Update: Jameisha recently transitioned back to public school, which is the mark of success in our Day School program.