For Mendy Nestor, having a family was always something she envisioned for herself. After exploring her options, adoption seemed like the best path.

After much research, she found a private agency and was matched with her son in 2017. She remembers her case worker asking if she had any interest in foster care in addition to adoption. At the time, foster care didn’t seem like the right fit for her, but that small conversation about becoming a foster parent always stuck with her. On the day she brought her son home, Mendy had a strong feeling that this was not the end of her story. Although she was so fulfilled by her son, she knew her family would continue to grow.

During the pandemic, Mendy decided to explore the possibility of fostering a child with hopes of adopting. Again, at home with her son, she felt that same feeling of ‘you’re not done yet.’

Mendy researched a few agencies before making a decision. She recalled, “Pressley Ridge was far and away the only agency I ever really considered. I felt like they were a total partner with me.”

Pressley Ridge was there for her every step of the way. From her ability to complete the foster care certification on her own time – sometimes virtually and after hours – to providing constant help and resources. She was so impressed with the supplemental information and ongoing education resources Pressley Ridge provided. Mendy felt so aligned with their mission to care for, love and support children in need, but she also felt connected to their focus on keeping everyone involved in the process, including the child, foster parent, and biological parents. She said, “Pressley Ridge helped bring the realities of the world to light, always being real and honest with me. They made efforts to better everyone in the case, and to never pick sides. This was validated through every step in the process.”

In 2021, a child was placed in Mendy’s home through Pressley Ridge, and almost two years to the day later, she officially adopted him into her family.

Mendy never would have guessed that her life would have unfolded this way. “Ten years ago, I never would have thought I’d be here. Your priorities change, your commitments change, [my family] is where I want to place my energy.” With the help of Pressley Ridge, her dreams of becoming a mom and starting a family have become a beautiful reality.