We Believe

In focusing on individual strengths.

The culture at Pressley Ridge centers on the principles of Re-Education. In treatment, we focus on the entire ecology of the child and family with the goal of building on existing strengths to bring about positive change. The core beliefs of Re-ED are applicable across the organization and include the importance of trusting relationships; the belief that competence can be taught; the understanding of the connection between physical health and emotional health; and that everyone should know some joy in each day.

Exceptional staff is the cornerstone of our success.

At Pressley Ridge, we are all teachers and we are all learners. We are committed to providing our employees with continued opportunities for both internal and external professional growth and development. After all, for Pressley Ridge to continue to lead and grow in our fields of service, we must prepare our staff to do the same.

Collaboration increases impact.

Nothing of lasting value comes out of work in isolation. Each individual we serve belongs to their own unique ecosystem. Family participation is key to the delivery of services and is critical to achieve the best outcomes. In addition, our work to mobilize community resources for our youth and families is just as important to their long-term success as the direct treatment and care we provide. What is true at the direct service level is equally true at all levels of the organization – the impact of our efforts is always greater when we join with others.

In improving the lives of our youth, families and staff through a culture of equity, inclusion and non-judgment.

We know that society continues to struggle with racial disproportionality and have seen the impact it has on those we serve and our employees. Because our social impact spans generations and communities, we are uniquely positioned to enact large-scale change by implementing innovative practices to improve youth and families’ lives. And, as a leader in the field, we strive to create equity within our organization, to partner with systems to improve equitable practices, and to be a champion for other child-welfare organizations.

Our Approach


The safety, permanency, and well-being of children are first and foremost in all decisions.


Children, parents and extended family members are involved as partners in all phases of engagement, assessment, planning, and care plans.


Our conversations begin by asking ‘what happened to you?’ rather than ‘what’s wrong with you?’.

Ways to get involved.

We value our team members, their contributions and their passion for excellence. Whether you are looking for a meaningful career opportunity or you just want to give a little of your time, you are needed at Pressley Ridge.