Texas Family Care Network is a component of Pressley Ridge Texas, a 501 (c)(3) corporation established in Texas. We are a community collaboration that will provide transformational change to the child welfare system in the Deep East Region (Region 5). We will focus on an individualized and coordinated service delivery that will be provided by many local partner agencies resulting in a comprehensive level of care and support with the end goal of securing permanent and stable homes. Our trauma-informed and strength-based approach will provide children and families a strong foundation for success.


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Our Difference

We are a quality child welfare provider that empowers families, youth and individuals with hope, healing and happiness. Through our trauma-sensitive approach and family engagement model, Pressley Ridge’s goal is to create lifelong connections that result in a successful, happy life. Specifically, we can offer the State and Region an organization with the following strengths:

  • Our experience and longevity operating a diverse continuum of services in a quality manner for at risk youth and their families
  • Our data-driven, research-based, and results-focused culture
  • Our reputation as a thought leader and innovator in child welfare
  • Our history of developing and providing cutting-edge training to our staff and practitioners in over 30 states
  • The depth of our administrative capacity and strong financial management capabilities
  • Our history as a cross system partner and collaborator
  • A deep understanding of the needs of the community

Our Model of Care

A continuum of care will be created that develops interagency community partnerships and supports locally driven services resulting an ideal system of care. Our philosophy is grounded in community engagement, cross-system partnerships, continuous quality improvement in the integration of evidence-based practices.

We will develop a robust local continuum of care that:

  • Allows children to remain in the least restrictive and home-like environment and provides child-centered services that meet unique needs of every child and family.
  • Develops a system of care that results in fewer placement moves and reduces his/her time in foster care.
  • Increase the capacity to serve children with the right services at the right time.
  • Increases the number of children who will remain in their home community and school of origin.
  • Supports a collaborative network of providers.
  • Utilizes best practices and evidence-based strategies and programs to address the needs of the youth and families.
  • Focuses on being a data-driven organization that emphasizes quality.
  • Ensures practices and decisions are grounded in cultural competency to reduce disproportionality.
  • Uses technology and innovation to support the achievement of positive child and youth outcomes through real-time, accessible and shared data

Highlights of Model of Care

Values and Principles of Community Based Care

We are committed to providing the highest quality of services based on sound values and principles that will guide our policies and decision making.

  • Safety is paramount and children should have well-being and permanency
  • Children should have stability with first placement being the last placement
  • Services should be family driven, youth guided and focused on maintaining children’s personal connections
  • Youth are prepared to successfully transition to adulthood
  • Services are delivered based on best practices and evidence-based approach
  • Services are wraparound and community-based
  • Work is trauma informed
  • Case planning and services are individualized
  • Placements are provided in the least restrictive setting
  • Collaboration is the foundation of the SSCC and its network

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About Pressley Ridge

We feel strongly that throughout our 190-year organizational history, our vision and our mission are very much aligned with the mission, values, and goals of the Texas community-based care initiative.

Pressley Ridge has a long and distinguished history of serving children and families across the country. This extensive history of providing community-based services has expanded the scope and range of services geographically within and outside Pennsylvania.  Pressley Ridge currently cares for almost 9,000 children annually through Family Preservation and Stabilizations Programs, Residential Treatment, Foster Care and Treatment Foster Care Connections, Community Based Programs and Educational opportunities.

With over 70 programs in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia, Pressley Ridge delivers vitally needed individualized services to children, biological and adoptive, who have been abused, neglected, or diagnosed with serious mental and emotional illnesses. Children and families involved in the child welfare system are being served in programs across Pressley Ridge’s continuum of care, and Pressley Ridge staff members are well versed in partnering with the child welfare system on behalf of families.

Our treatment foster care pre-service training curriculum has been deemed an evidence-based training by the California Clearinghouse. Nearly 170 organizations representing 31 states and Canada use our preservice training that is valuable to all foster parents, resource homes and kinship placements.

We are a member of the Texas Alliance for Children and Families. We have actively participated in state conferences, trainings, member conference calls to keep abreast of all the issues in child welfare in Texas.

Pressley Ridge is committed to truly making a difference in having an impact in the lives of children and families in this community. Our system of care is operated with emphasis on collaboration and transparency, guided by strong utilization management, enhanced through the integration of evidence-based strategies and practices, monitored through quality management practices and strengthened through comprehensive training.