Our treatment foster care program exists to make sure children are safe and provided with a nurturing environment until they can return home or become adopted. Children range in age from babies to young adults who may have their own children. They have had difficult experiences in their life and removal from their home can be traumatic. Our treatment parents provide the love, care, skills and supervision to help them overcome these difficult experiences. As a treatment parent, you will help children keep connections with family and friends, and encourage their participation in community and recreational activities.

At Pressley Ridge, we provide our treatment parents with advanced training and support. Our treatment parents are a key member of our team and work directly with children on changing behaviors and building new skills. This is why our parents are called “treatment parents.”

You will be the child’s champion and an important partner in helping us to treat the child’s needs.

In Western PA, we offer the following:

  • Treatment Foster Care (TFC)
  • Traditional Foster Care
  • Teen Foster Care
  • Foster to Adopt
  • Parent Child Foster Care (PCFC)
  • Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR)

We know becoming a foster parent is a big decision. Review our list of Frequently Asked Questions, and then give us a call to discuss.

Become A Foster Parent

For more information, please contact the office nearest to you or e-mail

Pressley Ridge Foster Care
2611 Stayton Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

(412) 442-2084 or 1 (888) 846-5952

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